Published Author Shakira Thornton talks Secret Revenge | Book Deets Inside!

 About the book

Secret Revenge is a story about two main characters: Tash and Amir. They both share one secret; but once their secret is exposed, other secrets get uncovered as well. Everything spirals out of control which makes them both wonder: Was having a secret really worth it? Ultimately leaving the story with one question: Who will have to get revenge first? Purchase Secret Revenge(Click HERE)

Book Motivation

Author Shakira Thornton signing copies of her book “Secret Revenge”

My book kick-started from a random Facebook challenge. I got a lot of my motivation from my Facebook friends and followers. They were some of the main supporters in my journey and they pushed me and motivated me to keep going. Despite the many obstacles I overcame during my journey, I was determined to keep going because I wanted to stay true to my word and give my supporters what I had promised them.

Public Feedback

The feedback I received from the public was so unexpected. From the day I started on Facebook all the way down to the day I released the actual book, it all still feels surreal. I went into the project not expecting as much good feedback as I received. I sold 170+ books but I never would have been able to without the support from my friends, family, and the general public.

Published Author Perks

The best part about being a published author is having the determination to finish under my belt. I self-published my book; sometimes I truly don’t think I give myself enough credit; nor do I realize how much weight of saying “I’m a published author” actually holds. I also have a lot of people who tell me I inspire them, they tell me they look up to me and say that I motivate them. That means a lot to me to know that I can give people hope and allow them to have faith to do whatever it is they want to do because I didn’t give up.

Where To Buy Secret Revenge?

My book is available for purchase on Amazon and also Barnes and Noble websites. Just go to either site, type the name of my book or my name in the search bar and my book will pop up. I also will have hard copies for sale again in the very near future.

Book Links:

Purchase Secret Revenge on Amazon

Purchase Secret Revenge on Barnes and Noble

For Additional Contact:

I can be reached on Instagram @idnt_kir and also on Facebook under my fan page @Shakira’s Short Stories & Poems.