Halloween Weekend in Montréal, Québec

Last month after coming back from Atlanta to Philadelphia; I was invited to visit the beautiful city of Montréal for Halloween weekend with a few friends. “How could I let this opportunity pass?” I thought.

*for dramatic purposes only*

Air Canada: Air Canada, how may we help you today?
Me: Hurry, Hurry! One ticket for Montreal. Before I totally wuss out and change my mind. (Which I did a few times).

Montréal is a Municipality in Québec, Canada. It’s known to be the second largest French-speaking city in the world. Gasps. The population is about 1.6 million; it continues to tease tourist with its old colonial flare and dazzling lights across the cities night skies.

Flight Info: I flew round-trip on Air-Canada for approximately 1h 33m going one way. Cost: I also paid $350 U.S dollars for a three day stay.

Sleeping arrangements: Airbnb.com

DAY ONEVisited Old Montréal. Because I arrived in Montréal late Friday night this actually happened Saturday Evening but due to lack of photos I’m saying Day One. When I arrived Friday night I actually got dressed with friends we went to several different restaurants but we did not have any luck finding food we liked. So we found a bar where we took a few shots and a pizzeria. Later that Friday night we partied the night away; until we were pouring ourselves in bed from all the fun we had. We didn’t get back into the room until like 4am. So, yes, it was a night to remember.

Language: Just about all the people who live in Montréal speak both French and English. The food menus will have two languages for those native in the tongue.

People: I’m not sure if this is the culture in Montréal but there was a ton of people who were rude and cut through you as if you were a ghost. Even the men would bump you without even saying, “I’m sorry, or “My bad.” So that was something I was not use to; I had to compose myself due to the ignorance I experienced. Other than that most of people were extremely nice and welcoming.

Side Note: The people of Montréal all have their own unique styles. It was so refreshing seeing so many people with their own unique, quirky styles. Whether it be a winter coat, fanny pack, or dirty sneakers. They make everything look cool and fashionable.

DAY TWOPartying in the city. I dressed up as Betty Boop aka “Baby Esther” Jones for Halloween. For those who are unaware; Betty Boop was a famous cartoon in the early 1930s. It was thought to be originated from white singer Helen Kane. But later it was brought to the light that Ms. Kane had stole Baby Esther’s baby singing voice and persona after watching her perform live at the cotton club in Harlem, NY.  Click here to read more on the women behind Betty Boop.

DAY THREE– Boarding Day (Read Below for my Arrival and Departure Experience)

My overall experience 


My Air Canada departure flight got delayed a hour which stole time from the night that me and my friends were suppose to go out. On top of that the plane was so small and uncomfortable that a lot of folks couldn’t even fit their carry-on bags. Other than that the flight was very quick and before I knew it we had already landed in Montréal. I flew Air Canada coming back to Philadelphia and my flight was once again delayed due to in-climate weather. I arrived back in Philadelphia about thirty minutes after my scheduled arrival time.


If you are deciding to visit Canada. I’d strongly suggest you to convert your American money to Canadian money. Although some establishments will take American money; a lot of establishments will over charge you or will not accept your American debit or Credit Card for whatever reason. I know because my friends and I were turned down from using our American currencies a few times. For some establishments its a hassle and they will not accept it. So come prepared. I’d strongly suggest bringing a international credit card and American cash that you can convert to Canadian money. It’ll save you so much trouble during your stay.

Night Life

The night life in Montréal was so much fun. I’d recommend it to anyone. I paid between 10-20 canadian dollars for each club I attended. I got to experience so many different clubs. My favorite one had an actual skate park in it. Yes, I said that right! I’ve never seen nothing like it. I was amazed behind all the culture instilled in the night scene; I can’t wait to visit again!

Interested in visiting Montréal or have you already been? Feel free to share your experience and questions below!