The Ultimate Three Day Weekend in Atlanta (September Edition)

Party over here, ain’t nothing over there!

For years, the unique flare of Atlanta has always drawn me to visit. Besides that, my precious family lives there. And oh boy, have I missed them! They’ve always expressed to me their open door policy, so I could have the opportunity to experience all that Atlanta had to offer me. Proudly, Excitedly, I said I do! About a month before my scheduled trip, I began looking into flights, my plane tickets were purchased, through Delta Airlines. I flew out Thursday morning, just days after Hurricane Irma hit the city with gushing winds tearing down rooted trees, chaotic floods terrorizing the coast, and millions left without any power at all. With all that being said my trip was still a ultimate one. Because of my cousin Felicia’s hospitality and determination to show me a great time. My trip to Atlanta, GA was a trip to document and visit more frequently.

This article was created to help people with possible ideas for your visit to the peachy state. I cannot wait to hear from you. If you are from Atlanta or know of more interesting/fun places and things do there; please don’t hesitate to mention them in comment section below. Without further ado….

Day One in Atlanta

Thursday Afternoon

Arden’s Garden

Location: 90 Peachtree St NE, Atlanta, GA (above photo)

My cousin who goes into this juicery often suggested that I drink the Grand Slam due to my lack of sleep. 

Price: $4.39 plus tax

Grand Slam: One shot of pure ginger, lemon, cranberry, and wheat-grass. (below photo)
The ginger woke up my pupils and had me up like i just drunk a cup of “healthy” coffee . While the lemon set the up a few notches.

Thursday Evening I attended the

Botanical Garden at the Park

Location: 1345 Piedmont Ave NE, Atlanta, GA

Price Range: I went with family members who had memberships to the botanical garden so my admission was free. Click the link to read more on prices.

There was this breathtaking waterfall right outside where the bar was. Lets take a moment of silence for this view.

Drink: What is it? It was a refreshing Lemon basil drink. I paid $9 for it plus tip.
It had a tart taste but it did the job!

Inside Botanical Gardens was a fairly new restaurant called “Long leaf”

The restaurant had seating areas on inside and outside. My cousin Gloria wasn’t to fond of the cold air conditioning inside so we sat outside and enjoyed a refreshing lunch. The menu wasn’t something that I was use to so I kept it simple and got a Kale salad with chicken + Ginger soup.

Thursday Night

Outside food demonstrations with Chief Brian Jones

Day TWO- Fri-YAY

Lunch at Taziki’s Mediterranean Cafe. Anyone who knows me knows that I love Mediterranean food. It’s always so fresh and gives me some culture for my bones. Of course its Americanized but it did the job for me!

Okay, so I ordered the Homemade Greek lemon chicken soup. 3.99
And the Signature Taziki pasta 8.99
My drink of choice was a southern Sweet tea!

Friday Night I enjoyed jazz music played at High Arts Museum.

Time: 6:00pm-10:00pm

Performance: Jazz artist Melvin Jones (Pictured Below)

Venue: High Museum of Art

Cost: FREE with Museum Admission 

The music being made was so good it literally took my breath away. The musicians are all very talented. Beyond that I was surrounded by family I haven’t seen in years, what a great experience that I will never forget.

After the party is the After Party

Just Kidding…

Because I was in-town my family stuck around after the show and we ate out at Yard House which is restaurant located near all local shopping centers in Atlanta.Lobster Garlic Noodles
I tipped well over 20% because our server Dianna was great!

Day Three- Saturday

All Natural Full-Body Massage/Spa Day

Natural Body spa and shop
Full body massage from Elaine
Checkin in waiting area
The waiting area had strawberries and chocolate chip cookies along with mint tea and cucumber water
Cost $90
Tip $30

Thai for Lunch 

Siam Seafood

26 Thai Kitchen & Bar


Saturday Night

Love is in the air

I love sauce on my pizza more then cheese so that sums up it up! LOL (Above photo)

Boarding Day Home


This blog was suppose to be for three days buutttt I made an exception for Sunday which was also the day I went back home from Atlanta. Before boarding the plane I was able to catch brunch. Fortunately for me where I was eating brunch was also down the street from the great Martin Luther King Jr. house. I had to seize the moment. And I did!