Why Trying is a Noble Way of Saying You Didn’t Always Get it Right

The quote “Trying is a Noble Way of Saying You Didn’t Always Get it Right” comes from the phenomenal comedian Steve Harvey. About a year ago, while at work, I heard him say it on his morning radio show. His words stayed with me. Since then, I’ve intergrated the quote in all formats of my life. Whether it be religiously, or just a way to get closer to the woman I dream to be–mentally & physically. A dream that we all desire…to become better beings.

To try

To make an effort towards something that you are striving for. We all can attest to a time where we tried at something and our best didn’t feel good enough. So instead of working harder or smarter, we gave up. Maybe we could have worked harder to get a better grade, or maybe we could have been more consistent with going to the gym. To try..to try..but to fail?


The truth of the matter isn’t directly how we feel about our tries, but what we make our tries mean to us.  Showing appreciation for what we did do opposed to what we did not do or complete doesn’t have to be our stories conclusion. We may have not finished but we tried. We tried and we will continue to try until we grow resilient in whatever goal our heart wishes to accomplish.

I tried. Yet I did not get it right.

Don’t listen or follow those who on one try became a living, breathing, super-weight lifting machines. Don’t quit clapping for them. But in reality we all have different things that motivates change in us. My growth cannot equate to yours. We are different. I know you may see the perfection roaming around the internet…*cough cough* Instagram.  Don’t be pressured to be something you are not to move at the speed of everyone else. Take your time. Move at your own pace. If you fall repeatedly….don’t stay down. Like Aaliyah, if at first you don’t succeed, dust yourself off and try again.

I’m trying. I’m outside my comfort zone. Something still feels missing?

Seek the unknown and let it take you where you need to go. Please be advised it’ll take massive work on your end. You may be uncomfortable or possibly even confused at times. If you do, ask yourself questions then write the answer down. Some suggestions could be,  “What do I want out of today?”

“What do I want to get accomplished today?”

“What do I want to learn today?”

Whatever it is. Write it down and turn it into a plan. With each objective you learn something new about yourself. That alone is pretty awesome!