In your 20s, less clubbing, more saving (My 3 Step Formula to Saving with a Plan)

As most of us all know, money is great for spending, but it is also great for not touching too. Every dollar saved today is a dollar saved for tomorrow. The line seems a bit cliche because honestly–it is. But learning your past, present, and future history of your finances can be a game-changer. I can totally attest to a time I believed that my whole life would be a paycheck to paycheck world-wind even after acquiring my fancy worthless degree that’ll add to my financial distress. I soon learned that all my negative thinking towards my finances did only one thing–ADD up my dollar amount owed to my credit card. Not to mention a lower credit score which fell into a forgotten sinking hole of broken “I forgot the payment was due” or “I cannot afford that bill this month” payments.

I had no plan for my financial future and it showed. Soon enough, I learned that my financial future depended on me. Being at such a low place with my finances at 22 depressed me. I decided I would do better. I’d frequently began reading books and using all kinds of apps and master plans to improve my knowledge. At the start of it, I began obsessing over money and savings and I still am–proud-fully.

So lets jump right into it because being financially literate is fun!

  1. Less clubbing, more saving: how many of us can raise our hands proudly to say “I’m not going out anymore because I plan to save.” Then hours later your’re twerking or hanging with the fellas buying all kinds of expensive drinks you know you shouldn’t be buying. By the end of the night you are left saying “I should’ve stayed home and saved that $50 or $100.” Here’s a plan: When your friends ask you to go out. Say no, without explaining to them why you don’t want to go out. The more a person knows the more they’ll try to talk you into something. This doesn’t mean lie. I’m not condoning that, but I am condoning a healthy time-out in the house during the starting process of your savings journey. Plan: Open an saving account. Then add a direct deposit to that savings account. Every time you get paid you’ll have money set aside that you won’t even be able to see. By doing this it’ll help you save for that rainy day. *The weather report is…*

2) Pay-off your debt on time: my biggest mistake when I was a unconscious novice in the world of money and credit cards was not paying my bill on time. It is a HUGE no,no for me now. But before I’d go weeks even months without paying at least my minimum balance. Plan: So if your minimum balance on your credit card is $25 every 25th of each month, set up automatic payments. That way you’ll have no choice but to give up the green in a timely manner.

3) Pay more when less is due: this sounds really easy but it will take a lot of upper “let go of that money because it’ll pay off later” strength. For example if you currently have an auto loan(finance) , you may add more to what you owe every month. Why? Because it’ll decrease the interest you potentially would have to pay back. Keep in mind that its better to pay more now than to pay more later and that goes for any bill or savings plan you may have. Plan: Remember the bank which is your finance loan wants to make money off you. When you pay your principal down(pay more) earlier than what was planned it denies them of your interest.  



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    Great read very informative. I need friends like you in my life lol!

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      Thank you for reading! And you’re more than welcome! Hope to see you back here 🙂

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    Hello Reflection, thanks for directing me to your site. This article is a gem that everyone needs to know about. I appreciate you.

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  • I think everyone should read this and understand that saving is so important! The earlier you start saving the better!

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      Yes! I totally agree Krystal!! Saving is probably one of the most important things any person could ever do to build wealth. Thank you for your comment. 🙂