Notes to Vulnerability


I sometimes am afraid of rejection.

So instead of expressing how I feel in a lucid way.

I don’t.

Uncertain how to express my thoughts into words.

I won’t.

Fearful to hear the feedback.

Petrified and trembling in the stages for a response.


I want to feel every emotion without a kickback.

I desire resilience, comprehension, and unconditional love.

I don’t want to be scared of fear nor the experience to not feel it.


If I am willing to feel fear and listen to the feedback.

I am free.

If I am willing to feel every emotion that comes to me.

Realizing that not all comments need responses or quick judgement calls.

I am free.


Some people say being vulnerable makes you weak.

I must disagree.

If I am fearful and I stand in my truth, my silence, my words, my actions– despite it all.

I am free.


Vulnerability is not whimpy–like the definition explains.

In fact, it has too much strength to its power to be such.

Being vulnerable means I took myself where fear lived and soared.

I spoke my thoughts in a mood that felt weak but I was not.

I sat in the lions den and I endured mounts of torture but only temporarily.

**These are my notes to vulnerability. I am willing and able to feel fear. Because it is not real.(vulnerability)