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Head first, then Scuba Dive in Reserv | D

Reserved Row is a swimwear clothing brand created by Fashion-Illustrator/Designer, Tania Chambers. Tania you actually graduated college for graphic design in the sunny state of Miami, Florida. *Please share what the launch of your swimwear line meant to you?

Tania: The launch of RESERV | D row swimwear means everything to me. It is my new-born baby. I did attend Miami International University of Art and Design. My major was Graphic Design. These past few years I have been trying to figure out my calling. One thing I knew for sure was that I loved everything that had to do with art. I’ve always been a creator since my school days, but that was not enough for me. There was a point in time where I needed to dig deep within myself and find out how I could make a living doing what I love. That’s when RESERV | D row swim was an idea. From that point on I started taking the steps to launch my brand. Now, a year later, and I’m ready to share this dream with the world.

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*Did you have any set-backs when you pursued your vision?

Tania: Oh gosh yes! So here’s the short-story. I always could draw but did not know how to sketch a fashion figure. I had a vision of what I would like my swimwear to look like. My problem was getting my ideas onto paper. My best friend who I met in Miami suggested that I put an ad for a sketch artist on Craig’s List.  Unfortunately, when I finally put the ad up I received no replies. So I started viewing more YouTube videos and sketch books in the art store. I got enough confidence to buy a sketchbook and began to teach myself. Sadly, my very first sketchbook was horrible.  I had zero sewing skills, so I took the initiative to take sewing classes in a studio in Old City, Philadelphia. In my process to learn how to sew I was grateful enough to find a manufacture. Since that revolution I no longer needed those sewing classes.

*Please explain what you learned the most about yourself(or your business) along creating this swimwear line?

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Tania: You can do anything you put your mind to. I know you’ve heard the saying before, but it’s true. If you have an idea, great, now it’s time to put those ideas into action. God gave me this amazing vision for a reason; it’s my job to learn how to bring this vision into reality. I always told myself that I would never give up no matter what. It’s important that I put all my effort into this vision, it’s a now or never for me. Reserv | D row promotes “Dreaming with Action.” We wholeheartedly believe everyone has purpose. And when you find your purpose, you want to start living your purpose right away. No goal is impractical, through hard work and dedication anything is possible. Stay consistent with your dreams and they will become your reality.

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