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What was the inspiration behind creating a clothing line geared towards fierce African print?
I was inspired by the colors, mostly. Wax prints are so colorful. It was my love for the beautiful patterns that got me into designing for myself and then, for others. I rarely ever use plain, monochromatic prints. Colors inspire me to design.

Describe a difficult work situation/project and how you overcame it? A difficult work situation I constantly deal with is the perception that any online store from Africa is a fraudulent set up. I always keep in mind that I must be as communicative and transparent as possible. I always look out for strangers who often speculate about this openly on my social media without ever having ordered from my store.

What is the best part about owning an African cultural clothing line? 

Azura Sun Dress with Matching Headwrap

The best part of owning an African print clothing line is how hands on the production process is for me. I visit the market myself, select the fabrics right then and there, present the samples and sketches to the seamstress and critique the final product. It’s exhausting at times but satisfying. I am also able to provide jobs to about half a dozen artisans including seamstresses, tailors, and embroiders. Being able to provide to others makes my work feel purposeful.

To what do you attribute your success? First, I attribute my success to God. I do pray often. I give Him credit; Giving Him all my problems. It is a blessing that I have drive, determination and an amazing-fulfilling skill set. Secondly, there is my desire to prove to the world that third-world countries  do have more to offer than famine and disease stories. I wish to represent my country and continent positively. TrueFond is a great motivator; it has contributed to my progress thus far. The knowledge I have obtained is something bigger than myself.

What are your goals for the future for TrueFond Ghana? 

In the near future, I see myself building a solid client base. I would like to take more style risks to allow customers to identify True Fond Ghana with a certain look and identity that draws in like-minded fashion lovers.

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