Global Village is Community

Photography by @BriellePressPlay

Please explain how Global Village started?

Lyonzo: The idea came to me when I traveled out to Honduras. I was inspired by the community. The people there were very united and very interactive with each other. When someone needed something they all cared, traded, and looked out for the needs of the next man. Once I came back into the states I realized how everything was so divided and everything was only about one for all. I wanted to create an experience where everyone could experience everything “together.”

Photography by @BriellePressPlay

What was the inspiration behind creating this empowerment vocal circle of love?

Lyonzo: Is that what you call it? Thank you for calling it that. I like that.. “Empowerment Vocal Circle of Love.”

Photography by @BriellePressPlay

Miyekow: I told Lyonzo that I was also from Ghana and everyone in my community was all for each other. There is no one in my community who stood by themselves. The Jam Session started because we all had the idea of coming together with the hopes to share energy. This positive gathering would be a place where people could be themselves without pressure. We all had our aspirations for community where people could share food, share ideas, and sounds.

Lyonzo: The why for me came from my friend Ivanna. Before she moved to Florida she inspired a lot of the original energy. She spoke about us creating a platform where we had a lot of musicians, then having a dive in meditation after. She actually moved back to Florida and caught Steven-Johnson Syndrome which is crazy. She was one of the reasons that really inspired me to do things for the right reasons because you don’t know what tomorrow is going to bring.

Episode 10 of Global Village was also a celebration of your birthday. *How does it feel being a year older?

Lyonzo: To be honest, I feel more me. Now, more than ever. I guess that’s why physiologically speaking at twenty-five your brain is fully developed. You know when you are being irrational and you know when you are being rational. All the patterns, your brains is now functioning through all the patterns. So I just turned twenty-six. I just feel blessed. There’s a lot people who made it at twenty-six like Jay-Z, Kanye West, Eminem, and Jay-Cole. These people aren’t just artist they are business-artist.  This year has taught me how to be a man business man first… then an artist.

What advice do you have for artist who are trying to become “known?”

Lyonzo: The key to longevity is being yourself. I know that sounds cliché. How do you find yourself? You find yourself by digging in your roots. The things that you got made fun of when you were little is the same thing that will help you get to where you are trying to go. Such things like your accent, your laugh, everything that use to make you feel weird. If you channel those characteristics they will help you stand out.