Listen to TalkFreePodcast: Where three Black Brothers Talk Freely

Three powerful black men with voices come together and create a podcast where conversation is spoken freely. I need to see more of this in the world. Please explain how TalkFreePodcast came about?

TFP: The podcast was genuinely formed through everyday conversations. We were three brothers who constantly debated and discussed topics that you rarely hear anything about. The end result of those conversations resulted in us deciding to record those talks for whomever wanted to listen. We knew that there was a demographic of people who may think just like we do.

Connecting With Live Subscribers via Facebook

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Moving forward, what is the goal of the podcast?

TFP: The ultimate goal of the podcast is to expand the brand. We aspire to challenge people to think outside the norm. By doing so, we hope to keep our audience entertained by educating them with different perspectives that may push their minds to think in a very crazy yet unorthodox way.

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