DHPOV “See My Hunger While Still Admiring My Struggle to Never Give Up”

1. What does DHPOV stand for?

DH stands for Dominate Heavily, while POV stands for Point Of View.  I wanted to create a brand that incorporates my vision and my day dreams.  These visions start off as innocent yet funny ideas that I personally would never see on TV today. My end goal is to have a place for all talent to come together as one and build creative content (kind of like a universal studios).

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My logo is a telescope. The significance of a telescope is a reminder to always create, travel, and take over the world with my vision. Like all great pirates you need a telescope(vision) to see where you will venture to next.

2. What makes you passionate about creating live content?

What makes me passionate is the lack of communication in my community. My vision is to bridge the gap between black people.  It does not matter if you are rich or poor, light skin or dark-skin. I want people to look at my visuals and see my hunger while still admiring my struggle to never give up. There are many people who may have no place to channel their talent, or even where to start.  So even if I can give them a quick interview asking them what they do, and post it to my page, that’s a start.


I try to make my content comical, but add truth to whats really going on out here. A brief but imaginative description would be an underground “In Living Color” mixed with some ridiculousness of “Robot Chicken.”

3. How hard is it being a person who creates content from scratch?

It’s not hard to think of content but it is hard to deliver it. I write,  record, direct,  and edit all by myself. It can stressful trying to make sure the equipment is ready then find people who would be willing to act in ways they never have before, so that my vision is being fulfilled. In the process of shooting you also have to be mindful to make sure the tone, energy, and facial expressions are delivered correctly. Some of the behind the scenes that people don’t see are making sure each camera angle catches every thing I need, clearly. It’s a great responsibility,  and you want to make sure you didn’t shoot for a whole day and the footage ends up being trash or, maybe the battery dies, or the memory card is damaged that’s not even the half of it, but I love it!

I am self-taught from the camera work to the editing. I did not go to school like some of my peers. Honestly, one day I woke up and wanted to shoot a movie. My boy had a camera, we shot and edited it, within three weekends it was done then we named it  “The Weekends.” -people loved it!