Why Seeking Validation From Your Peers Can Be Harmful

Validate Yourself

Too often, we allow the thoughts and actions of other people determine our depth as human-beings. For instance your best-friend of ten years just told you that you shouldn’t eat any more pizza because she feels like you’re slender thighs have turned into thunder thighs. When those close to us fix their mouths to say things that were metaphorically meant to help us in reality it doesn’t, initially, it does hurt. Validation is an inside job that requires the confidence you already have within. Remember we cannot control what others say about us, but we have full control in how we respond to whats being said about us.

Attention seeking has become a social media contest and most of us are not even runners up in our own life. Why do we seek approval from those who don’t even have the birthright to mark us in red with their denotations? Who gave you the right to hand them the pen and undervalue you? Is it fun allowing someone to mistreat you? Validating yourself  does not make you a prude or stuck up, when you are validated from within the thoughts from the outside should not make or break you. When you cherish your thoughts and your well-being validating yourself just means you stop allowing the thoughts of others to change you.

Know Yourself

Once you practice the art of being alone without reaching for a distraction you can free yourself from feeling the need to be validated. This part is not a one, two snap and all your problems will disappear. But it is an amazing start for your growth as an individual. You don’t need to seek approval because your life is enough proof that God isn’t done with you yet. Keep in mind that knowing yourself is an essential part of self-love. Isolate yourself and get to know who you are. When you finally find that amazing person that you’ve possibly been ignoring this whole time don’t forget to cherish what you bring to the table in every relationship you may encounter. As the saying goes know  your worth then add tax.

Trust Yourself

If it doesn’t feel good, maybe it really isn’t. Trust your gut. Somehow it knows before you do. Trust your instinct. Your instinct can always feel when something just ain’t right.

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