#FindOurBlackGirls (Sign Petitions Inside)

There is currently 64,000 missing black women and girls across the United States who are not getting the media coverage the deserve. Washington D.C is currently missing 14 black girls and teens within the last 24 hours. Something must be done to bring our girls back home. #FindOurGirls #FindOurDCBlackGirls #FindOurBlackGirls

Most people who hear or see tragedy close to home are wondering what they can personally do to help. Below is a list of several alternatives to help the women and girls who go missing all over the United States. Read carefully and help us all strive to provide our communities with safer environments that work day-in and day-out to find and protect our missing black girls and bring them home safely.

1. Get Involved In Your Community

Put a Search Party Together– If the police department isn’t taking the quick, vital, and necessary steps to help find a loved one you must take it into your own hands and create a search party which is a group of people within 40-50 miles radius of your own neighborhood. For more help and information visit: MissingPersonsGuide.com. This website offers great advice for immediate action for the first 24 hours or less of a loved one. Advice is provided for the first week, first month, two months and on, of a disappearing loved one.

Neighborhood Watch Teams– Since 1972 there  have been thousands of neighborhood watch teams that help communities all over the United States to stay safe from predators . (Click HERE) to find what you can personally do to actively participate or help strengthen your communities Neighborhood Watch Teams.

(Optional) Set Up Cameras Outside or Inside Your Home– An important yet scary video surfaced on Facebook that every parent should watch and look into. BELOW VIDEO WATCH: 7 white males follows home a young black girl and threatens her for future abduction plans. Thank god this mother had cameras set up to capture this horrible incident in St. Louis.

2.  Sign Petitions/ Donate / Support Anti-Human Trafficking Programs

  • Sign Petitions– Out of all the different things you can do to help strengthen the lack of missing black girls this one is free and takes little to no time to do. One signature can make a world of difference to help a mother find her missing child. Here are a few you can start signing right now: 

Here is Petition #1 https://www.change.org/p/take-a-stand-against-human-trafficking-in-the-us

There is Petition #2https://www.ipetitions.com/petition/strengthen-anti-human-trafficking-laws-increase

Petition #3 http://act.polarisproject.org/p/dia/action3/common/public/?action_KEY=23990

  • Donate your Time- Learn why it is so critical to read articles regarding missing women and girls. Remember to pay attention to your surroundings and report any suspicious behavior you see or hear. STAY WOKE!
  • Donate your Money– This money is help missing kids and exploited children (Read More at MissingKids.Org)
  • Support Anti-Human Trafficking Programs– These programs are helping women and girls everyday who go missing and is human trafficked throughout the world. (Click here to read more)

3. Join the Discussion on Social Media (ENGAGE, REPOST, SPEAK-UP)

  • Engage by reading and reposting missing people on all your social media platforms.
  •  Download Amber Alert App on your Android or iPhone from your App Store. (Click here to download)
  • Follow Amber Alerts via Twitter.com and Facebook.com for additional updates.

4. Contact Your District Attorneys Office

To see how they are handling your missing women in your hometown or state.


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