$outh$ide Jersey Rapper Ish Williams Up-Close and Personal

Rapper Ish Williams Ishmial Williams known as Ish Williams is a phenomenal upcoming rapper from the South Side of New Jersey. His sound is unheard of and he is rightfully needed within the music industry. He recently debuted his new masterpiece of an album entitled "SONIA'S SON." This album is depiction of his harsh realities with depression and life-lessons from his wonderful mother Sonia.  Ish is a conscious rapper with a little side of bad-ass. Today Ishmial has graciously sat down with me to talk about how he keeps his hectic life in steady MOTION.

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For those who are unfamiliar with your music what are three reasons why people should relate and listen to your music? One reason why people should relate to my music is because I talk about the every day struggle with life. For example, I work at a hoagie shop and I embrace it. I just want people to know that I feel your pain of getting paid every other week. Personally, I know what it feels like to wake up and not want to deal with your boss.  I think my honesty in my music is very relatable. I’ll never front like I got it when I don’t. I could also tell you about a heartbreak which everyone goes through. Lastly I believe people should just relate to the message I give through my music. We are all living life trying to be happy every single day. We are all trying to accomplish goals on our own, but we must realize we can’t do it on our own. It’s also okay to be sad. Life gets tiring after awhile.

I personally love your album “Sonia’s Son” which was inspired by your mother. Throughout your album you also included life-lessons from your mother through audio. Why was it so important for you to include your mother in your project? I really wanted to bring the connection back between my mother and I. I wanted her to know how much she impacts my music so I featured her on almost every song.

What impact has your mother made in your life as a young man? If you could, would you mind sharing some of her greatest lessons she has taught you?  The impact she has on me is incredible. She is the reason I am the man who I am today. She is the reason why I treat others others good. My mother taught me to always treat others with respect. Never judge someone because you don’t know them you know? One of the greatest lessons she taught me was that everybody is not your friend. I learned that the hard way growing up. I never took it serious until now. Loyalty is everything to me but you have to remember that everyone doesn’t have the same heart as you.

“Motion” music video directed by Will Toms from REC Philly shot by Guru Media Group

On twitter, and in a lot of your deeply felt out songs you talk about your struggle with depression. In your current music video “Motion” you are in a dark basement with a revolving pistol loading bullets. How hard was it to create that scene? It was very hard. Honestly, I was basically re-living the saddest moment in my life. I wanted to give the people the real though. Personally, I wanted to show that me almost committing suicide actually happened. I wanted to show them that depression is real.

How do you cope with your depression disorder? I cope with my depression with mostly music. The marijuana helps but that’s just temporary. I try to keep myself busy. Overthinking will be the death of anyone

If you could, what are some great coping mechanisms that you would offer to someone who looks up to you and is looking for a way to remain optimistic? If you’re going through depression I suggest you to stay busy. Do things that normally make you smile. If you’re alone write about how you’re feeling, watch you’re favorite movies, and listen to your favorite songs. The more time you spend alone adds up to you finding out who you really are.

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If you could work with anyone in the music industry, what artist would you love to collaborate with? I would love to collab with Kid Cudi. I feel like we’re the same person. His music also saved my life. That guy is like my big brother in a way. Plus I feel like our melodic wave would be legendary together. 

Where do you see yourself in the next year, musically? Next year I pray I’m just well known on a national scale. Hopefully I’m living in LA with the whole team but who knows? Anything can happen in a year.

Ish Williams and Mir Fontane

You are a part of group of talented young men from the SouthSide of New Jersey. What is your perspective about your friend Mir Fontane and his level accomplishments thus far? I’m very proud of Mir. That’s my brother so we talked about all the blessings happening to him now years ago. He deserves everything coming his way. I honestly don’t think the game is ready for him but it’s a ball game now.

Last question: For your loyal fans and supporters what are three words you’d like Ish Williams to be associated with? MOTION. DEDICATION. JERSEY.

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