Review: The Flavour | All Genre Open Mic Series | Presented by 8th Avenue Collective Group LLC in Wilmington, DE

Welcome to Wilmington, Delaware’s very own All Genre Open Mic Series brought to you by The Flavour. Whether you are a poet reciting your judicious expression, a soulful singer singing the blues, or a rapper spitting his conscious flow; the 8th Avenue Collective Group LLC is where to come and get recognized. The city of Wilmington does not have many places for free expression. Most of the people who live in the city of Wilmington have to travel to cities such as Philly and New York just to find an outlet or be seen for their talents.

*Small snippet of all the performances(below) that I captured on my iPhone. I am sorry to the artist who only have a few seconds. Due to high storage on my cell phone, I had to keep deleting pictures out my phone throughout the night just to record. All in all, I hope you enjoy this short video I created. xo Alia

All Genre Open Mic Series is located in Wilmington, Delaware.

Date: Wednesday February 22, 2017.

Time: 6:00pm Sign-Ins for Artist. 7:00pm showtime.

Location: Courtesy of Wilmington’s Jaycees ClubHouse. The Jaycees ClubHouse is a place that offers Networking, Socializing, and Career Enhancement. Click HERE to get deals on renting their clubhouse to expand your audience or business. Address: 1309 North Scott Wilmington, De 19806.

Parking: It was very easy to find parking. I found parking in a lot next to the Jaycees building. As far as parking goes you should not have any trouble with the headache of circling the block to find a parking spot.

Meet Creator:  Jasmine Brown (pictured below in white shirt) is the woman behind the 8th Avenue Collective Group LLC based in Wilmington, Delaware. Her platform allows and welcomes people of ALL backgrounds to share in the beauty of raw art and creativity amongst Delaware locals who seek a place to express themselves. Jasmine is a Delaware University Alumni and an Event Specialist. For submissions or booking contact 8th Avenue Collective Group via email at

*For artist: the signing in process began at 6:00pm sharp and the showtime started after at 7:00pm. If you so happen to arrive late that is okay talk to Jasmine and ask her how you can still sign up. There were artist who decided to perform at the last minute; if you so happen to be one of them; no pressure.

Cost: It was only $2.00 to get in; both cash and card was accepted.

Yellow Wrist Bands for Alcohol.

Alcohol was permitted with proper identification ONLY. There were NO EXCEPTIONS ALLOWED. If your are over the age of 21, this should be no problem. My advice: bring your ID so you can get your drink on before or during the Open Mic Night.

Meet Host: Vanity Constance (pictured below). She is creative Director for EVE which is a consulting firm that deals with finding and creating solutions for your business. She was a lovely addition to this beautiful platform. Her presence was very warm and super welcoming to those who were first time performers. Find her on Instagram @VanityConstance

My Herb Savory Shrimp taco provided by @TheHoneysCocina

Meet the Ladies of:  The Honeys Cocina (pictured below). These beautiful women are the hands behind the delicious food that was provided at Open Mic Night. The price of their food is reasonable; I paid a whopping $4.00 for their famous savory shrimp taco. They also had the option to use cash or card. The food was made with pure love!! Contact them via Instagram or Twitter and get blessed with their yummy food. Thanks Ladies! xo Alia

In line to get their @TheHoneyCocina

The atmosphere of this event was very warm and friendly. Everyone spoke to one another in solidarity. There was a good amount of people that came in together with their own friends. Throughout each performance the audience remained respectful and listened closely to each artist.

Dress Attire: This event is for and by creatives; I would say the dress code is to come as you see fit. That doesn’t mean get dressed in the dark. It means dress how you want to be seen or represented. For example, some women came dressed in dresses while some came dressed in casual jeans and a T-shirt. Moral of the story, come comfortable or come dressed to impress, either way you are welcomed with open arms!

Overall Experience: My experience was outstanding! This was Jasmine’s first event; I must say I am very proud of this young woman. She put together an event with catered food, a legitimate venue, and amazing people who came out and supported her vision.

Turn out: There was a full crowd of people. The crowd size ranged from the front row of the room which eventually merged its way toward the back of the room.

6 Reasons Why You Should Join The Next Open Mic Series:

  1. Exposure
  2. Meet New People(Network)
  3. Love of the Arts
  4. You enjoy singing, rapping, or reciting poetry
  5. You Want To Try Something New
  6. New to Delaware or the Tri-State Area

If you are in town and is interested in joining The Flavour’s Open Mic Series please follow and contact them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (Click Links). Please don’t hesitate to pay a visit to their website to receive updates on all their wonderful events that promote local creatives. Their platform is new but growing, if you have art and need help getting out the comfort of your house the 8th Avenue Collective Group showcases/promotes art, clothing, music, film, photography, and fashion and design.

Rock Your Luv

xo Alia

  • Nice post Alia! Makes me wish I lived in Delware 😉 Also, love the new blog theme.

    • AliaRonnell

      Thanks Katherin,

      You would’ve totally enjoyed this amazing event. I will be do more post like this in my city and others alike. 🙂

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    Highly descriptive blog, I enjoyed that a lot.
    Will there be a part 2?