Develop Self-Respect: In a Society Built on Sex and Appearance

How To Develop Self-Respect: In a Society Built on Sex and Appearance

Self-Respect is identified as the infinite-controlled ability to honor your own thoughts, feelings, and insight. Self-Love is identified as the act of infinite love for self. Self-Love is not an act with vain characteristics instead it is an honest appreciation for self.

When an individual has self-respect they normally are guaranteed to have self-love. Once you learn how to appreciate yourself (alone) you’ll know exactly how to display respect for yourself and others. Don’t get this individual confused they are not vain instead they are conscious and logical about their decision-making. They also do not enjoy in the habit of people pleasing.

People with self-respect are magnetic energies and they are great at reaching goals for any career path they choose. People with self-respect make great leaders because they know how to communicate with people from all walks of life. This person knows their worth and can also see greatness in others too.

How To Develop Self-Respect?

1. Be Authentic

Be honest about your feelings. Don’t hold your tongue when you are uncomfortable or unsure about something. Be true to what you like and what you don’t like.

Advice: Being yourself is the simplest form of self-respect.

2. Work on Your Confidence

Confidence comes from within. Confidence is an essential tool to win at life. Believe in yourself; Believe in your abilities. People who are confident may not be the prettiest nor the wealthiest individuals in the room but they share a commonality which is security in their imperfections.

Fun Fact: A person with confidence is oftentimes seen to be more attractive than a person who is not confident.

Advice: If you know you are not confident in your appearance take the healthy steps to make better decisions. Do you want to dress for less…like a fashion model? Well, plenty of famous models and actors shop at places like H&M and Forever 21. Both stores are reasonable in price with an over-supply of everything fashion. Do you want to have a six-pack? Work-out and eat healthy! Do you desire the talent to do your own make-up? There are thousands of beginner friendly tutorials on YouTube for free. Never limit yourself because you think you aren’t pretty or popular enough. Get out your comfort and seek your answers. Most of them are one tap away.

3. Receive/Give Genuine Compliments

There is nothing quite like a thoughtful compliment. They are small simple self-less acts of kindness. Compliments are a refreshing reminder that we do indeed look nice and work hard. People can never get enough of compliments so if you want to be a person of influence give more of them.

Advice: When receiving a compliment. Smile. Then say “Thank You!” Please remember to do it without a reminder to that person that you don’t feel like you look your best. Keep those negative thoughts out and enjoy in the admiration.

4. Positive Vibes Only

Surround yourself with people who promote your growth. You are who you surround yourself with so fix your attitude at the door. Try to be more open to embracing new people and experiences.

Advice: Cut off people who drain your energy. You’ll feel lighter because of it!

5. Give Yourself and Others the Space to be Imperfect

People are not always going to act, dress, and talk how you want them to. Keep in mind how you would like to be treated if the shoe was on the other foot.

Advice: When you are confronted with any emotion that feels somewhat like “anxiousness.” Wait, before you speak/send. For example: If you are mad, sad, angry, or aggravated you should take the necessary time away to think so you don’t regret your words you have inconsiderately spit out.

6. Sex is Not Always the Answer

Oftentimes people think sex is the answer to their cheating, disrespectful partner. Typically they are wrong. Sex is a quick fix. Quick fixes are temporary. After the rush of sex is over the problem will still remain along with the resentment.

My Advice: When you are tempted to have sex, don’t. Respect yourself. Give yourself the necessary time to re-evaluate the situation without any soul-ties. When couples have sex after unresolved arguments it can sometime leave room for the same unwanted behavior.

7. Forgiveness is the key

Forgiveness is the cure to self-hate. Forgive yourself for not always getting it right.

Advice: It’s not easy forgiving but its the key to moving on.

  • Classic advice that’ll never go out of style. Thanks for this!

    • AliaRonnell

      Thank You for reading beautiful! 🙂

  • I needed ALL of this right now. I read most of this with the side-eye and shame face because I know I’ve been guilty of not showing myself love these past couple of months. Some of these I am still working on but others I HAVE to start putting more effort into. Love it so much. Thanks for sharing!

    • AliaRonnell

      Aren’t we guilty to some extent? I am a work in progress too. We are in this together. The first step is acknowledgement. 🙂