8 Helpful Ways to Be an Inspired Single

Are you an inspired single? Are you looking to be one? The most vulnerable feeling in the world is being alone. There you are confronted with everything you wish to ignore. It’s quite ironic how we preach self-love but not the necessary steps to reach it’s full potential. Now, I am not talking about those self-love quotes we see every so often on our Instagram timelines that go like “Self-love is beautiful. So You Should Have Some.” Okay, so I totally made that up but I hope you guys know what I’m referring to. Over this past week I’ve found that by isolation, prayer, and meditation there was true inspiration in my “singleness.” As I indulged in embracing this idea I realized that I had been possessing these awesome qualities without even knowing it.

What is our correlation? We all have insecurities. We all are trying to be the best versions of ourselves. No doubt! You and I aren’t so different. Our struggle may come in different languages from different backgrounds of the world but we bleed the same red blood which ties us together. Our singleness doesn’t define us, if anything it’s helping us be the bomb-digity for our future selves or whomever is lucky enough to embrace their time with us.

Below I have listed 8 ways to inspired by your “singleness.”

  1. You are Independent635965090265157877126589599_independent_women_0.gif

     Perspective is everything. Being alone doesn’t mean you are lonely and being independent doesn’t mean you don’t want love. 

  2. Recite this: “I am Enough. I am Worthy.” (Now, place the crown on your head.)giphy.gif 

    Listen up! Are you breathing? Can you see? Look into your mirror right now. You thought I was kidding, I’m serious put your phone down and look into the mirror. Whatever you see right now at this very moment…is enough! You alone are enough! It does not matter if he/she does not see how beautiful and great you are. I see it and I am telling you. You are worthy and enough! Never let your crown slip.

  3. Worry Less, Dance Harderbbv1_f-maxage-0.gif

    Just because you’re single does not mean you aren’t beautiful or interesting. You are all those things plus some. While you are single remember to live a little. Wear a dress you feel sexy in. Do your hair and get your makeup done. Invite a group of your friends  out on the town and party than dance all night long. Don’t forget to flirt a little bit with the guy/girl whose been eyeing you all night. Live it up!

  4. Do More of What Makes You Happyraw

     Get those endorphins released. If you love to laugh do more of that. Do you like taking trips to the beach?  Whatever excites your spirit do more of it then thank your endorphins!!! Did you know? Endorphins are pain relieving chemicals in the brain. Once you participate in activities such as working out your brain receives a signal which reduces pain. The pain reducer is also said to have similar effects as drugs such as morphine and codeine.

  5. Seek Spontaneous Adventurestumblr_mv8yembqpo1qkomroo1_500.gif

    There are so many things you have yet to cross off on your bucket list. Maybe its skydiving 18,000 feet out the air or maybe its hiking in the Great Smoky Mountains. Whatever your dreams is don’t be afraid. Remember: A expert was once a novice. On your colorful exploration of adventures there will be fear but its normal. Don’t be shy to make friends or to explore solo dolo.

  6. Learn/Teach Yourself (your standards)giphy.gif

     We all have those people in our lives that have the ability to con us into feeling vulnerable or “bad” about speaking our minds. While being vulnerable is fine. It’s not okay to be disrespected repeatedly. Being single gives you ample opportunity to mess up on this one so don’t punch your lights out if you don’t get it right the first ten times. Everyday is a new day to learn what you will accept and what you will not accept. For example: A guy you like continues to call you after hours. You told him it was okay once but after he continues to be disrespectful and call you. Handle that! 

  7. Appreciate Your Alone Time drinking-alone-gif-joke.gif

     Being alone is great! When your isolated you get the necessary time to think or not think about any and everything. Your time alone is whatever you want it to be which makes it so special. You can go on a stroll through a park or lay quietly on a sunny beach. Don’t be afraid or sad; being alone is a gift. I hope you embrace its power! 

  8. You can date whomever (without feeling guilty)giphy (1).gif

     See, I told you!!! Being single isn’t bad at all. So have fun with your “singleness!” Be FREE!! Dance ON!!!

Thank you for reading along. I hope you’ve enjoyed this post. Feel free to add or subtract from this list. I am open to it all. See you guys next week on RockYourLuv.Com where self-love is the priority and no topics are off limits!! Follow me on my Twitter and Instagram located next to menu.  Thank you for being here and don’t forget to keep Rock’N Your Luv…