5 Possible Effects You Should Consider before Having Sex

Have you ever wondered why people “claimed” to be in love after only dating two months or less? Me too! Your wish has been granted chosen one. Today, I will inform you on 5 things you should be aware of before considering having sex. I will call this blog “my healthy warning sign” before you drop it like its hot. Alright, lets get to it..

The results are in…

The Revolving Chronicles of Unnecessary Drama

Sex is the easiest way to ignore putting in actual effort and really getting to know a person. By choosing to learn what the person really is about, over time, you can grasp whether the person is fit to sleep with or not. When we are not patient with our Energizer Bunny sex-drives we start running races we haven’t yet prepared for.

Attachment Issues

According to Jim Pfaus, a Canadian Psychology Professor says that sex and love can get misinformed in the brain which could lead to “overlapped sexual desires and emotional love in your brains insular cortex.” You may think you are just having “casual sex” but your brain can not always distinguish the difference. With that being said, both men and women are left feeling overly attached than usual.

The Needy Person

How do you know if you or someone you are dealing with is coming across needy? Well, neediness can be a clear sign of insecurity. They are the person who never gets the hint to stop calling,texting, or showing up unannounced. Neediness can lead to obsessive behaviors and a down-ward spiral to unhealthy relationships. Be alarmed, the needy individual is not independent and they lack the ability to be alone.

Power Struggle?

“Prior to sex the woman holds power in a relationship.” After sex a woman has some intentions to come off more vulnerable. In doing this it allows the man to act more rational and ultimately conceive the power the the woman once had. Now I know this is not in all cases but just be mindful of who you let inside your house. If you know what I mean…

Friends with benefits NEVER work

A lot of women and men say they can handle being nothing more than “just friends” with little bit of sex on the side. I don’t buy it one bit! To me, it’s the biggest lie we tell ourselves. I guess its done to not hold ourselves accountable of the backlash it will potentially cause in the future.

Here are three extra reasons why it possibly won’t work:

1. Romance can be viewed as one-sided in some of these relationships.

2. It can become selfish-which can lead to resentment.

3. It could ultimately harm your self-respect.

Did you know?

Oxytocin is a pea-side hormone found at the base of your brain. Oxytocin is known¬†to as the “the love hormone” or “the cuddle hormone.”

Did you also know?

Women release higher levels of oxytocin than men during the sex. Women release higher levels of oxytocin. More likely than not women are left with higher levels of attachment post-sex than men.

Thanks for reading!!! I hope you found this post informative. Until next time, keep on ROCKIN’ YOUR LUV!!