4 Reasons Why Nobody Owes You Anything (It’s not a bad thing!)

After waking up from a deep nap I continued to quietly lay in my bed (apart of my silent meditation). I searched out the window, blurred in vision with raw introspected thoughts. In the midst of my silence I seen a reflection of myself. The self who tried so desperately to hold onto people, situations, and unpleasant memories. This frightening reflection was surely mine but I couldn’t dare understand the need for me to embrace it like I once did. “The most uncompromising love is buried beneath layers of denial,” I thought. Soon after my epiphany I could fathom…value. The mesmerizing value that nobody owes me anything and it was not/is not a bad thing.

Down below I have listed four reasons that I have learned why nobody owes you anything:

  1. At any given time someone can choose to move on: Rightfully so, we are not possessions. We are people. People who are constantly evolving; yearning for new interactions and new experiences. We can not force love. We can not force commitment.
  2. We are our own person: When we want to do or act on something more then likely we will. Ex: If  your spouse has previously warned you not to bring ice-cream into the house because he/she is allergic. More then likely you will probably find a way to sneak it in the house. Why? Because you are your own person and you LOVE Butter Pecan ice-cream. 
  3. Relationships change: People outgrow one another. It is not our job to force a relationship that has already served it’s course.
  4. Rejection sucks (It should not make you nor break you!): When we live in a healthy perspective we learn that nothing is intentionally done to us. The only real Boogeyman is the one we create in our minds. Typically we may act from a place of feeling victimized.Why? Because our perspective only knows the angle of the victim. (Click Here to read more on Victim Mentality)

*Really understanding this concept has made me feel more free. Like anything else in life this practice is ongoing and continues to grow more maturely in my way of living and thinking. I pray we all reap a life full of purpose and value. A life that doesn’t rely on relying on people.  A life that doesn’t need other imperfect human-beings to be our superheroes.