Intuition Comes First

Why does Intuition Come First You Ask? Disclaimer: If it feels wrong, then it is wrong. Intuition is nothing but a gut feeling, a mindful instinct, or a divine hunch from God above. To me, intuition is entity that everyone possesses. Our third eye pre-warns us of red flags that overlap with our senses. When we tap into our “third eye” we openly listen to our inner self and the patterns that surround us from our prior experiences. So anytime you feel uneasy about making a decision or accepting a behavior from a loved one, there is a “WHY” around the corner that you have not been formerly introduced to. To keep it simple when things don’t feel right, they aren’t right.

If you notice your grades are declining, more than likely you can easily detect that you could be doing more to maintain them. Right? More studying sessions less Face Timing lil Bobby with the pretty smile. Without seeing the physical problem we know deep inside the answer to all our problems.

Disclaimer: Just because we have a gut instinct doesn’t mean we always follow it.

“When I don’t listen to my intuition, I end up with second-degree burns.”

Like some women, we sometimes have an idea of what a relationship is supposed to look like, and we tend to rush everything. Picture my love life as a alluring red BMW, its beautiful right? Well, imagine driving this Babe around in New York City with no brakes to yield for pedestrians or no seat beats to prevent from flying head first out the car. It’s pretty absurd to love without caution. But some of us hopeless romantics still it do it. Think about it, it’s the same for following our gut. We know better, but do we always do better?…..NOPE!

“Crazy to say, but sometimes those second degree burns feel better than logic.”

When it comes down to making decisions I can be a bit of a lunatic. My intentions are well but I rush and make rash judgments at the last minute. For example, this year for my 22nd birthday I brought two plane tickets to Canada to celebrate and turn the town inside out. Sounds great? Well, I totally overlooked one small fact. My friend told me she probably wouldn’t be able to make it. Why? She had just started a new job a few months before and was still on her probation phase. I knew better. My gut told me to just wait to buy everything until I was sure she could go, but I didn’t listen to myself once again. I lost out on money. Moreover, I also spent my birthday home alone broke as hell. If I knew better how come I didn’t always choose to do better?

You may call it lack of experience. I call it not listening to that inner whisper in the back of my dome repeatedly saying, “stop,” “be patient,” “not yet…..”

“Your intuition is always pushing you towards growth and your highest good. Learn to listen to it.”-Unknown