When Boundaries Are Left Unformed

“Boundary a line that marks the limits of an area”

In terms of Geographic’s, boundaries have been used for centuries to separate large groups of ocean such as the North and South Atlantic Ocean. Although these two groups of ocean are conjoined their waters lie in two different regions of the world, North & South.

With this in mind boundaries are a fundamental resource on how as people we are able to navigate the world so freely. Without clear distinction of each mile we travel, we are lost.Without a line to mark the limits of our very own towns, cities, and countries we could forever travel into a world of unfamiliarity.

Too often, we allow the boundaries amongst our own personal values fall to the waist-side for others. By leaving our boundaries nameless it leaves our moral compass to explore on incognito paths of confusion.

When boundaries are left unformed we let other people or society name our boundaries-set them, change them, and misuse them along a path to broken promises.

Sum it up: Set boundaries for your life, they will give you a light on dark-avenues. If you are not happy waking up at 12noon set your alarm to wake you up at 8am. If you are tired of thinking negatively write three positive affirmations you can recite to yourself throughout the day. If you don’t like being called pass 11pm, kindly warn everyone who has your number not to call you past 11pm unless its an emergency. Set boundaries and name them or they will be left unformed being formed by the needs of someone else…