“Relationship Goals” aren’t real

The familiar phrase “Relationship Goals” is plastered and hash-tagged all over social media and people all over the world continue to believe it to be real.  The popular phrase also refers to  celebrities like President Barack and Michelle Obama, Will and Jada-Pinkett Smith, and Beyoncé and Jay-Z all to whom are married and still together.

How do you know if their relationship is what you want?

Oftentimes, I ponder what does it really mean to have a “relationship goal.” Why are so many people investing so much time in other people’s love lives? Did they know something that I didn’t? I believe people have an idea in their minds as to what a relationship looks like or has to be like. The expectation of “relationship goals” imply perfection and unfortunately perfection isn’t real. When a great person comes into your life he/she won’t be perfect. Living your life fixated on your idea of what a relationship should look like can be dangerous. Not to mention, most of the couples you idolize are just as imperfect as the next person, maybe even worst.

Although your favorite couple “still” photos show them kissing and capturing usies of them making funny faces, it doesn’t necessarily mean that there isn’t “trouble in paradise.”

And just because you see a charming man with his gorgeous lady all over Instagram taking the hottest “still” photos near the Eiffel Tower in Paris, it doesn’t mean there isn’t cheating deceitfully being done. In terms of relationships, I am worried at how much time we spend fixated on Instagram couples and celebrity relationships.I, too, can say that for a small amount of time I was believing the hype that these perfect relationships were “relationship goals.” I sadly learned that the most respectful, kind, and loving relationships were found off-line somewhere living their lives instead of online obsessing at how many likes or comments they are receiving.

Side Note: I don’t want to be a relationship goal nor do I want someone to ever look at me and think I or my future partner(s) are “relationship goals” because it isn’t real….

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