Love Battles In Young Millennials

Many of us ’90s kids often ask ourselves the same questions about relationships. Why is it so damn difficult? Why is it so hard to find someone to commit to just us? Why are relationships in our twenties such a battlefield?

I am a firm believer in “perfect timing,”we shouldn’t worry why relationships suck too much, instead we should embrace its challenges so we can learn for more serious relationships later in life. There are no perfect people or perfect relationships especially when you are still young. If you have an idea that your perfect fairy-tale Prince Charming or Cinderella will come into your life and magically make your whole life complete- think again.

While I do think it’s possible to be committed to one person in your twenties. I still believe that with dating comes responsibility. Why? Having a partner requires effort. Not only do you have to make time for them, you also have to make time for their needs while still meeting your own.

Some millennials rather hang with friends partying, traveling, and conquering the world than sitting home talking about their feelings. Hate to break it to our hopeless romantics  there will be a lot more disappointments and failed promises in your twenties. I guess that’s just the name of the game.

Did our possibility of love die back in the 90’s along with the music? No but times have changed and there is now, more than ever a mass amount of variety. There is more money to make, clothes to buy, degrees to earn,  and even people to meet. Think about it-Google, Tinder, and Instagram are one search engine, double-tap, or friend request away. Everything about the Twenty-First Century is easy access, open for the public to view.

In terms of dating, has our outlook of it perished with our disturbed perspective towards it?

I’ve come to a strong conclusion that in our twenties, relationships and dating will be mediocre. We are still getting to know ourselves; it’s hard to truly commit to anyone when our love for ourselves hasn’t truly manifested.

In our twenties, we will learn what kind of partner we truly desire and want to be. Also, we will learn what kind of partner deserves a quick boot. Some dates may turn into life-partners, while others  may turn into great lessons we will cherish into our thirties.